Birth Chart Trajectory

I’ll never forget the first time I had my birth chart read by a Vedic scholar. “Oh wow! You’ve got a strong chart,” he said.

The bad news was that I have Venus in retrograde in Taurus, indicating that I am never satisfied in romantic relationships, but I pledge misplaced loyalty to my partner and stay in the relationship long past it’s expiration. Oh, and this placement of Venus in the 7th house reflects into my first house of self, indicating that I obsessively try to fix the relationship to make it fit into a mold that doesn’t exist.

“All of this can be peaceful and enjoyable as long as you cultivate a deep self-love and allow your partner to simply be the cherry on top- you dear, are the ice cream.”

The good news (phew- yes please after that harsh news) is that I have a well placed Mars in the 10th house indicating excellence and satisfaction in career with strong ambition and life organization.

My Pisces Moon in the 5th house indicates a playful, wise disposition capable of daydreaming life into the exact shape I most desire.

Sun in Gemini allows me to adapt easily to change, make friends quickly, strike a conversation with anyone and light up a room with charisma. This is especially useful when lightening up my Scorpio rising- the aspect of myself that is deep, dark, sensual, mysterious, possessive and intense.

Knowing these things about myself and having useful, practical methods to overcome these tendencies has helped me to not get in my own way in life!

Want to know more about your trajectory based on your birthdate and time? Pop over to the services menu on my website and help yourself to a reading!

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