Seed Sound of Your Sprit

This weekend in Banner Elk, with snow on the deck and a fire crackling in the fireplace, we chanted bija mantras- the seed sounds of each of the Chakras. It occurs to me that in searching for balance, we are actually seeking to tune the seed sound of our beings.

You have an Essential nature, a True self, a Unique vibrational signature that you bring to the world. Without effort, simply by existing in your own Nature, you contribute something to the world that no other being can duplicate. This phenomenon is what indigenous peoples call your Original Medicine. Many external factors can bring us out of alignment from our True self/Original Medicine. Finding our balance by bringing that which we need more of into our lives, we restore the potency of our Essence and in doing so, we restore that which we contribute to the world simply by Being.

Using the Universe as your pharmacy, find the medicine and magic that keep you thriving!

Maybe you need more softness in your life, more playfulness? (More Kapha)

…Try sitting down with a cat or a dog and petting them for 20 minutes a day.

…try the mantra “with ease”

…play with a child, not a one-dimensional pre established board game with rules and logic, but a game the child invents or you and the child invent together. Stay present for 20 minutes- no phone or past/future interruptions.

Maybe you need more grounding? (Kapha)

…Walk barefoot on the earth.

…Get your feet in the mud or soil.

…Breathe fully into your belly and retain the breath for 3-5 seconds before exhaling slowly with constricted throat. Notice the prana that enters your Root Chakra with the breath, and stays there with the retention.

…place a sandbag or lightly weighted object on your belly as you lay down on your back. Or rest in child’s pose with a sandbag or weighted item on your lower back.

Maybe you need to cool down, slow down?(more Kapha)


…Spend a couple of hours in the woods. Look up! Look down! Let yourself feel the enormity of what you see.

…curl your tongue in a roll or just stick your tongue out and pull in breaths through your mouth. Feel the cool air coming in over your tongue. Long, slow inhalations. Even longer, slower exhalations.

Maybe you need more energy and fire (Pitta) in your life?


…Try kapalabhati pranayama breaths

…use the rattle to awaken your inner warrior and the bells to awaken your inner visionary: find what fuels you

…Eat more inflammatory foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers

Maybe you need more inspiration (Vata) in your life?



…eat raw foods and drink raw juice

…use the sticks to break your attachment to things being a certain way

…pick more dandelions and blow their seeds- make a wish!

Sculpt the life that brings you balance, health and true happiness. Everyday is a reset button, everyday a fresh new start.

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