Snowy, snowy day.

Snowy, snowy day.

2018 feels as clear and crisp as the white blanket of snow covering the landscape outside my window this morning. The focus and determination I feel has a quality of softness- different than the intense, sharp focus I felt last summer.

Such is Ayurveda!!!

The energy of frenetic, excited, anxiety-wrought Vata is subsiding and making way for Kapha- a subtle, playful, peaceful lackadaisical energy which governs this part of winter, and will reach gently into the beginning of Spring.
These days you may find that you’re dozing more easily, slipping into naps when available and that rising from the warm snuggles of bed in the morning creates rancor. This simply means you’re in tune with Nature! Welcome to Kapha season. Embrace the inertia when you can, and enjoy the cool stillness…preferably wrapped in warm blankets and sipping some Ginger or Licorice tea.
Staying balanced during this time calls for some warming activities, so as not to let your pendulum swing into full-on lethargy territory. Establish a simple daily practice that utilizes breath and balance to build strength in your legs, core and arms and promotes flexibility in your hips and shoulders. Can you spare 5-10 minutes before your daily routine to add these warming practices to the cold Kapha energy which is currently pervading everything? If you can add just a little Pitta heat to your routine, you’ll save yourself from slothy winter blahs that may otherwise settle-in come February.

From my cozy bed, propped with pillows and surrounded by blankets, hot tea on my night stand and electric fire place at my feet- I am creating my 5-10min plan to bring some hot Pitta energy to my Kapha desires of chillin 24/7.

Winter Plan:
Ask Alexa to play Beats Antique.
50-100 squats
Mountain pose: engage quads. Engage muladhara bandha and uddiana bandha.
Prayer Hands to heart Center. Set intention to be a source of Love and Light in the world. Send intention into my hands and reach to the ceiling/sky, releasing intention to the Universe. Root into a balance pose: Tree, Dancer, Warrior 3. Alternate sides.
Fold forward, letting head hang down in dangle pose. Hold the stretchy edge for 2 minutes. Lower all the way to the floor or mat passing through Malasana Goddess pose. Extend legs and arms into Navasana and hold for 1-2 minutes. Release into brief savasana. Boom

Later this year I will travel to Asheville 4 times, Pilot Mountain 3 times, and once each to Banner Elk, Kentucky, Arizona, California, New York, Maine and Kure Beach! At least for now, I’m grateful for this cold, sweet season to rest, restore and nurture my stillness, warming myself up just enough to stay excited by the magic of everyday life.


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