Building a Frame for Bliss

One could watch a spider build a web and dismiss her frenetic movements as chaotic. Or one could squat down and watch her for an hour to see that every movement is meticulous and provides the framework for the next layer of webbing.

Such is my life as a dreamer; as a builder; as a mother; as a growing being of light and love on this planet.

I recently had a phone call with my amazing mother. I was excited to tell her that I’m returning full time to college to complete my undergrad degree and pursue my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine.  She’s generally supportive of me and her response of a long sigh rattled me a bit…

“Sally,” she said in an exhausted tone,” aren’t you enrolled in Asheville to complete your 500 hour yoga training?”

“Of course I am,” was my reply. “I can do both.”

“What about that Ayurvedic thing you do on Sunday nights? Did you finish that?”she queried.

“It’s Spirtual Counseling Training, and yes I’m still doing that course, but I’m 17 weeks into the 20 week course so it’s nearly done. And I can still take traditional classes while I do that.” I was steadfast, but deflating a little.

My mom went on “Honey, it’s too much. You’ve completed all these trainings- Massage therapy and Ayurveda and Yoga and now this. Why not just focus on what you already know instead of spending more time and money??”

I assured her that she’d soon see how it will all come together and not seem like different paths, but rather, many pieces to the same puzzle of Blissful Health. It’s the path of the Healer. 

Of course there’s a voice in my head that doubts the path and asks exactly the questions my mom was giving voice to.  But in my HEART lives a voice that reassures me: All of the trainings, all of the education, all of the workshops, all of the experiementing and experiencing I do- it’s all building the framework for Bliss.

Much like the frame drums that my boyfriend and I built, I’m pulling together seemingly unconnected strings of leather; Im cutting holes in the fabric of my life in order to sew, tighten and tune this instrument which gives resonance to my life’s purpose. 

Like the spider, assuredly tasking her life’s work, I weave together all my trainings and readings and experiences to strengthen my ongoing masterpiece of the Healer’s medicine kit. And there is Bliss in every step of the framework. 

2 thoughts on “Building a Frame for Bliss

  1. Ohhhh beautiful Sally…I understand you so. For one day, work will not have to be so hard due to our perserverance in our present lives. Teaching this knowledge leads us to our wise wild womanhoods… our goddesses and warriors await.
    I reconnected with a old want last week…i made the decision to also get my certification in herbal medicine…through Susun Weed wild witch studies. I had tossed it aside 2 years ago…but the idea continued to follow me in ghost like manner…it is meant to be…For us both…for the love of the new generations, our children, to learn and grow.


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