Iodine for breast health

Christiane Northrup has long been a favorite author on my bookshelf. Check out her latest wisdom nuggets for women’s health on her website

I was alarmed last year when I mentioned to my doctor during a routine physical that I take iodine as a daily supplement to maintain breast health, and her reaction was “iodine has nothing to do with hormonal health”. I stated that my midwife had recommended iodine when I was having painful cysts and that the pain went away within weeks of starting iodine. She was perplexed and in disbelief. Doctors are smart. But I’m certain that people know more about their bodies than doctors do, and it’s important to approach your health from many different angles. Trace mineral and vitamin supplements, herbs, essential oils, nutrients, exercise, proper sleep and daily meditation provide a map to blissful health. 

Here’s Dr Northrup’s take on Iodine for breast health:

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