Creating Bliss Retreat

Dec 13, 2016
Many of my massage clients are intrigued by my upcoming retreat at AOLRC in March. I’ve heard the same question, phrased in many different ways, “I’m curious about Ayurveda…I just don’t know exactly what it is or what to expect! I want to spend time with you, Sally, and absorb some of that playful, joyful energy, but if Ayurveda is for me.” 

When I hear that question, I hear an underlying question: “Is this retreat worth my time, money and energy? Will it be worth taking Friday off work and driving to Boone?” And for some folks I also hear this question underneath their initial question: “Will it be weird? Am I cool enough to be in a room with people I don’t know who are gathering together to learn and grow? Will people judge me for my current state of health or lack of knowledge about Ayurveda, yoga and meditation?”
For those of you who know me, you know you can trust me when I say that this workshop is all inclusive and will be absolutely wonderful and restorative, albeit transformational. You already know me, so that’s one person at the retreat who’s got your back! And all of my students know that I spend the first hour of any workshop setting a strong tone of community, trust and safety. For those of you who don’t yet know me, I encourage you to reach out and establish a connection before registration! Get a feel for me! I’m readily accessible through email, and if you’re in the raleigh/Cary NC area, In offering a FREE 60 minute massagebon my office for every participant who registers for he workshop! 
Allow me to address the questions posed about Ayurveda, in the most clear and concise fashion: Ayurveda is consciousness-based medicine. It is about coming back to your True Nature and back to Nature itself. Viewing the body as a sacred temple, we understand that keeping the body properly nourished is of utmost importance to physical health. Understanding that meditation is the best tool for coping with stress, we understand that cultivating a daily meditation practice is essential to keeping the body free of disease and the mind full of ease. By acknowledging the value of keeping stress levels low and optimizing health for the body, we can simplify the goal of Ayurveda into two vital concepts: Improving Digestion and Meditating. 

In this weekend together immersed in healing and returning to ourselves, we will play, get in touch with our inner wisdom, discover simple secrets of losing weight and having more energy, playing with drums, crystal bowls, rattles and didgeridoos, we will explore different ways of meditating. I personally ally guarantee that all participants will leave the workshop with their own custom-made meditation practice that is enjoyable, effortless and effective. Whether you’ve tried meditation before and just couldn’t “sit with it” or if you’ve never tried meditation, OR if you’re a seasoned meditator- these practices in movement, chanting and sound healing will renew and replenish you from a cellular level!
“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” -Deepak Chopra
This Chopra quote thrills me! We are indeed creating ourselves as we go through life! We have choices. We have chances. Our thoughts become our reality. Creating a life of peace, joy, purpose and with deeply loving connections is accessible to us. My mentor, Carey Smith of Body Therapy Institute Center for Somatic Education says “when we create peace inside, we will have peace outside.”

These concepts are simple, but not easy. It does take practice to cultivate peace. During this workshop, in our short time together, you Will learn how to access the tools for peace and Create Bliss with Ayurveda.

Love and Light, 

Sally Raspberry

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